The Best Website Builder: Wix is the Number 1 Choice

Weebly is the number one website builder for its low cost, flexibility and ease of use. We've researched and tested a lot of website builders over the years, and we can confidently say that

Wix is the best overall website builder

. It combines ease of use with total creative freedom, making it easy for beginners to create professional-looking websites. However, Squarespace isn't far behind, as it offers the best template designs on the market, making it perfect for creatives.GoDaddy comfortably ranks third, thanks to its time efficiency and excellent range of design features.

Wix is an extremely easy-to-use website builder for beginners that gives you total creative control over your site. Unlike other creators, it doesn't sacrifice power or customizability for ease, but rather combines simple drag-and-drop editing tools with a wide range of features. In our tests, Wix received the highest “likelihood to recommend” score from our users, so our advice is that if you're not sure which website builder to use, give Wix a free spin and see how it goes.Wix also comes with a huge app store, so if you need additional features, you can easily add them to your site. Wix comes with more than 800 templates to choose from, that's an impressive number, especially since they're all professionally designed.

Divided into different industries, such as “Events” and “Photography”, Wix templates are easy to filter until you find the perfect one.Wix has a free plan where you can stay as long as you want, which is great to start with. However, it has its limitations, so for a truly professional site, you'll want to look at their paid plans. When I announced the launch of my website, more than 20 people wrote to me asking for the contact details of the agency that made the design. And when they found out it was just me, using Wix, they couldn't believe it.Squarespace is a sophisticated website builder that has a lot to offer both creatives and businesses.

It's not the easiest to use creator on the market, but it still won't take long to get used to it; it just needs a little more time and patience than Wix. Considering that Wix and other creators include SEO tools even in their free plans, this is a major drawback to using GoDaddy.When it comes to customizability, Shopify is more limited than other creators such as Wix but there's still plenty of room to put your own stamp on your site. Weebly's designs aren't as sleek as Squarespace's or as bold as Wix's but each one feels sleek and well-thought-out. There are more than 50 themes to choose from in total and you can change your template at any time even after you publish your site.Zyro is an easy to use website builder with nice and clean templates.

The features it includes are of very high quality but it just doesn't offer as many features as a top creator. In fact, Zyro can almost be seen as a kind of 'mini Wix'. It costs less than our main website builder but it doesn't have the same details as that provider.Jimdo is an intermediate website builder: it's easy to understand and has some useful tools built in. However, it's also not the easiest to use nor does it provide the best (or worst) features on the market.

Compared to Wix for example Jimdo's feature score is 61% worse highlighting the relatively limited scope of functionality offered.Duda comes packed with design features from hundreds of font styles to a built-in photo editor. It doesn't have the same impact with its features as say Wix or Weebly but Duda certainly has the tools to help your website grow. You can customize your template and this is even easier if you know some basic codes. Beginners may struggle with editing design which isn't as simple as drag-and-drop creators like Wix and Weebly.For example if you want to start a portfolio website your best options will include Squarespace Wix Weebly and Duda.

Try them all and find out which one you like best. Overall however

the best website builder in our research was Wix

. Its simple drag-and-drop interface makes it super easy to use (even for technophobes) and its wide range of templates and features such as contact forms and media galleries means you can really customize your website and make it your own.And while in this review we've mostly focused on Wix as a website builder it's also a fantastic option if you're thinking of starting an online store. It offers everything small businesses could need to start selling online and offers three specific plans for e-commerce.If you're not sure where to start using Wix's free plan is a great way to start building and discover what's right for you and what's not.

Of course it also has its weaknesses. Wix is one of the most expensive website builders out there but you get what you pay for and we think Wix is worth every penny. Also if you're on a budget Wix offers a free plan that you can use for as long as you need.Wix was also

the most popular creator among our users

and earned a customer score of 4.6 out of 5 which is the highest of all the builders we tested. Squarespace won our overall design category but for pure flexibility it has to be Wix.This is also one of the reasons Wix is so easy to use but be careful it can also be an obstacle.

Most website builders restrict you to make your site comply with best design practices while with Wix it's all in your hands.In our expert research and testing

Wix ranked first as the best free website builder

. He is the biggest player with an impressive range of features that make creating websites easier than ever before.

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