Is wix website builder completely free?

Wix also offers a high-end business solution called Wix Enterprise, which is a customized pricing plan designed for large businesses. Wix is a very attractive starter platform, since the basic offer is free. It's a very effective sales technique that attracts customers. Mailchimp uses a similar technique, but even Mailchimp doesn't allow you to access automated email sequences in its core offering; this is an essential part of email marketing.

Wix allows you to edit your site to work well on mobile devices, albeit in a more limited way than other website builders. That said, Wix apparently gives me the ability to build a website in less time and at a lower cost than many other alternatives. Thanks, good to know, but one of my goals of this post is to let people now, if you're going to use “easy” web building platforms, learn how to use SEO features and know why they're important, otherwise your website can be a waste of time if it can't be found (and yes, before someone says, this you could say for any platform, including WordPress, but in my experience there is a higher percentage of business owners who use platforms like Wix without investing in knowledge. Other builders may feel more restrictive as to where they allow you to place elements, but that ensures that your site truly responds to all screen sizes.

Being a drag-and-drop website builder, you can directly choose and place images, videos, text, and other components as you build your website. Also, once you have a website with Wix, to move to another host, you need to recreate your entire website from scratch. Let's say you're looking for a photography website builder to showcase your art and sell services through your site, Wix is great at that, too. In fact, Wix's simple drag-and-drop platform allows users to create stunning, highly interactive, and professional-looking websites in a few hours or so, without much preparation or training.

Compared to other website builders we've reviewed, such as GoDaddy and Jimdo, Wix gives you a lot of freedom. The best part: An experienced Wix designer can create a site in half the time it would take for a traditional developer, and achieve similar web performance, and probably have a more attractive site. Like most website builders today, it's not possible to switch to a new theme after the initial choice. The Wix website builder offers a complete solution, from enterprise-grade infrastructure and business functions to advanced SEO and marketing tools, allowing anyone to create and grow online.

Wix is undoubtedly among the best free online website builders on the market today, it's packed with numerous useful features, and it's super easy to use, so even the non-tech savvy can create their own website in an instant. We can assume that WordPress is the most flexible and extensible option and that all other website builders are less flexible and expandable. The tools for selling art are there, and this builder will definitely suit the needs of both novice and more experienced website builders.

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